At Curiouser, we believe in responsible design practices. We believe sustainability is the way forward but it only works as long as sustainable design, good design is accessible to all. We use responsibly sourced recycled fabric and work with craftspeople who then spin it into yarn which is then turned in to the textiles that we use for our home products. These craftspeople take pride in working with their hands everyday and we take pride in playing a small role in empowering them while sourcing.

At Curiouser, chances are you’ll find us reminiscing over kadak chai or filter coffee (depending on the day and mood), reminiscing over all that used to and still does make for that unique Indian aesthetic. Bit of nostalgia, bit of pop culture, and everything in-between. Our design principle strongly reflects that very aesthetic, while being low on kitsch and high on minimalism- think of us as minimalist kitsch. All designs are hand-drawn/hand-illustrated and then screen-printed individually by hand. Any slight imperfections that you see are because they are hand crafted.

We look forward to bringing a bit of beauty to every corner of your home. From art on your walls, to fragrance from our lovely candles wafting through your space, from your kitchen shelves to closet shelves and an accessory or two for your coffee table. Do join us on our design journey.

P.S: In case you were wondering, Curiouser comes from ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’.

No reason, the founders love the book.



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