The ‘(Un)masked Strength’ Cushion

In Kathakali, not only do the dancer-actors use various mudras during their performance but also employ nine facial expressions called navarasas to depict their character’s emotional state. Sringara, an expression of love, pleasure, and delight especially
interests us. Not to mention the quiet strength that underlies it all. With its vibrant color on one side and a more muted palette on the other, let this throw-pillow reflect your mood.

Note: The cushion comes with an envelope closure and multiple ties both for ease of use and added visual effect.

Each cushion has two distinct designs on each side. Pictures featured here are two sides of a single cushion. Fillers not included but can be bought separately.

All designs are hand-drawn/hand-illustrated and then screen-printed individually by hand. Any slight imperfections that you see are because they are hand-crafted.

Material: Recycled Cotton Fabric.
Size: 14 inches x 14 inches
Care: Dry clean only.

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